Outsmarting the
smartest pathogens


We deploy Nanotechnology with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect, destroy and Techno-Clean pathogens with 99.8% accuracy.


Stopping pathogens from going viral

Our CantiBots (robots) and CantiDrones (drones), utilizing machine-learning algorithms, detect all disease causing microbes in the air and on the ground with nearly 99.8% accuracy. 

Once identified, the correct application of Rhamnolipid and peptides are applied to break apart the cell walls of those specific viruses and disease causing pathogens.  

Successfully neutralized, a second treatment is administered to form a biofilm to further deter formations of microbes and pathogens now and in the future. Subsequently, saving human life, plants and animals from infectious diseases and death.

thru Technology
with peptides and Rhamnolipid Biosurfacants
Prevent & eliminate present & future life-threatening events

...saving human life, plants and animals  from infectious diseases and death.

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