detects pathogens, microbes and matter utilizing artificial intelligence, drones, robots, DWCS, static electricity and conveyor belts.

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Identifying Pathogens with high accuracy

Our Algorithmic Facial Recognition Technology creates data from every scan by our drones and robots. By utilizing perpendicular based conveyor belts, we are able to obtain a prodigious amount of data that is transferred to our servers.

Our static electricity application for our roaming drones and robots attracts pathogens, microbes and contaminates which are then transferred to our conveyor belts for identification utilizing folded mirror lenes, light and electron microscopes and sometimes x-rays machines.

Our Direct Wireless Charging Systems "DWCS" allows the application to continuously scan without interruption to change the batteries. The continuous Wireless Power Transfer "WPT" is efficient, time saving and adds to accurate data .

The basic idea behind our patent pending technology is to perform scans by an army of drones and robots obtaining millions of data points for accurate conclusions of singular and clusters of microbes and matter in the air, on surfaces and ion objects in motion.

Biosurfactant Pathogen Elimination Technology.

We utilize Biosurfactants “Bio Surface active agents” and Artificial Intelligence to eliminate Pathogens and Contaminates 

Rhamnolipid Biosurfactants are known to break apart the cell walls of many pathogens.