The smartest solution
out there is airborne

Pathogens such as viruses, mold, bacteria and allergens are everywhere waiting to cause disease and death to all life. Imagine a proven way to alleviate these threats through cutting-edge technology. That’s where comes in with our proven life-saving results.


Our patented, machine learning platform utilizes Exascale Computing Detection (billions of calculations per second with facial technology for pathogens, microbes, viruses, molds and allergens) that weighs some of the smallest microbes in femtograms (10 to minus 15). Which means the smallest viruses such as Covid-19, Influenza, E-Coli, Anthrax and Ricin can be detected wherever they hide.

Cantilevers, which are small nanotechnology weighing machines, are deployed with our CantiDrones and CantiBots in combination with sensors and cameras to identify all pathogens in the air and on the ground.

What you can’t see, we can

Our CantiDrones can literally data mine (discovering patterns, fingerprints and footprints of diseases and contaminating microbes) the areas with high definition pictures and videos by navigating and attaching themselves to walls and ceilings when needed. Thanks to AI technology, they can dig out the slyest microbes and catch them where they live.


Once detected, microbe facial recognition algorithms using the above high definition pictures and stereographic videos, confirm all results gathered by the drones and robots with 99.8% accuracy.


Microbes can’t hide from our intelligent technology