Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning  and Pathogen Identification


Mechanical NanoArms

NanoTechnology Mechanical Arms "NanoArms" (AI Pathogen Patent applications 15/828,832 and 17/139,308) are used to gather and position pathogenic and non-pathogenic microbes for identification using artificial Intelligence and machine learning.


They are also used to rid the cannister of microbes that haven gotten stuck or could not be removed from the cannister by the other liquid and force air methods.  The nanoarm ranges in size is 100 microns long and can be as long as 500 microns long and is able to place the SV directly in front of a camera or on the beam of a cantilever.  The mechanical nanoarms can be attached to a staging platform or can be on tracks like that of a train.  We are also able to use magnetic wheels to have the nanoarm move around the inside of the cannister. The nanoarm is managed by a specific algorithm on a separate artificial intelligence platform.  


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