Artificial Intelligence Patent Applications 2021

  • April 27, 2021 Application Number 17/241,540

 Identification and elimination of micro-organisms in the air, on surfaces and on  objects that are stationary or in motion using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

  • April 2021 Application Number 17/221,776

Micro-organism identification using light and electron microscopes, conveyor belts, static electricity, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

  • Manipulation, Positioning and Staging of Microbes for Identification using Artificial Intelligence.


  • Artificial Intelligence and Identification of Biological Germs for Law Enforcement and the Military.

  • Detection and Elimination of Enveloped Viruses using Machine Learning Algorithms. 

Machine Learning Patent Applications 2020.

Indoor Detection and Elimination of Micro-Organisms using Machine Learning.

Outdoor Detection and Elimination of Pathogens using AI.


 Mobile AI and Cantilever, Robot and Drone applications.

AI and Natural Gas.

Machine Learning and Hydrogen Fuel Cells.


Nuclear powered Drone and Robots.


PCT Machine Learning Patents


Artificial Intelligence filing

Patent Cooperation Treaty "International Patent"

PCT/US21/21896 March 15, 2021

First Patent Application Filed September 2019

Patent filing for machine learning algorithms that determine the exact ratio of mono-rhamnolipid to di-rhamnolipid required for biosurfactant applications.

Securities and Exchange Commission Filings 

Decontaminate, Inc. SEC Regulation A filing

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